COVID-19 and Us

I just want to give everyone a quick update on COVID-19.  If you follow our facebook page you know we have 9 confirmed cases that are all connected and no report of community spread at this time.  Things are changing hourly so this could change at any time.  Please continue to self isolate as much as possible and practice social distancing (6 feet from anyone), wash your hands often with soap and water.  Be conscious of high touch areas if you are in public and take precautions (gloves, sanitizing wipes) for thing like key pads, shopping cart handles, public toilets, gas pumps, lots of areas that we normally take for granted.

Our office lobby is closed to the public and we are doing most things we normally do in person by mail, e-mail, phone or other means of distancing.

We are not doing inspections of food facilities/childcare facilities at this time unless there is a complaint because so many of them are shut down/or we can’t maintain our distance and protect us and others.

We are still inspecting septic at this time because we have very little contact (if any) with the public for this and can make arrangements.  Also the weather is not very cooperative for this at this time so it is slow.  If you need to set up an appointment, contact your installer and he/she will contact us.  I have sent them information privately.

Lastly, please stay safe, we need all our residents.

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