Sewer Permit Process 2012 This is an information sheet that explains the sewer permit process.

Sewer Permit Application 2012 This is the actual sewer permit that should be filled out completely. At a minimum it needs the homeowner’s name, proposed address (County Road or State Road, etc) and their current address (where they normally get mail), the next closest address to them, how many acres, number of bedrooms, directions to the building site from the Health Department. We will come out to get a GPS reading for you and look at the initial plan when it is staked out.

Sewer Permit Cover Letter This is the introduction letter, telling you what is expected of person’s requesting a sewer permit.

Food Handler’s Course-Updated This is the actual food handler course that is available at the Health Department. If you prefer to study it at home and then come to the Health Department to take the test, contact us at (573) 642-5750 to set up an appointment for testing.

Food Code Permit Application Each establishment must fill out a permit application and pay the proper fee at a minimum of 30 days prior to opening an establishment. This is a requirement by the State of Missouri for all food establishments. Callaway County also requires this for temporary food establishments. It is required annually in Callaway County. Please call us for any questions or clarifications (573) 642-5750.

Environmental Complaint forms are now combined into one form and can be located here. Please fill out this form, sign and return to us for investigation. If this complaint involves old tires, junk cars, trash on property or a landlord tenant issue, we may have to forward it on to the proper State department, but we would like to call you and explain this to you before we do, that is why it is important to have your contact information as well as we can not legally investigate complaints without the offended party’s name.

Environmental Complaint Form Rev. 1

Producers and Growers Information: For producers and consumers of produce grown in Callaway County. Information sheet for producers and information sheet for consumers as well as the Good Agriculture Practice Booklet.

Callaway County Consumer Sign off sheet

Callaway County Producers Sign off sheet

Good Agricultural Practices Booklet

EVS Service Fees

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